Eye Ooze

I'm definitely allergic to something in this office. My right eye (just the right one, mind you) is red, oozing and tearing. It was so bad yesterday that I could barely see my computer screen, yet five minutes after I leave this Godforsaken hell hole job that I'm thankful to have, it stops. I spray dollar store brand pseudo Lysol, thinking it'll kill whatever the hell it is making me ooze, but then Bubbles, with her delicate self, complains that it's stinky.

I know where I'd like to stick that can of disinfectant spray... but I digress.

Speaking of Bubbles, I'm still in cubicle hell with half walls and no escape from the gum popping, desk slapping and snorting laughter. What kinda freakin' sense does it make to have your sales department sitting in the hallway, three feet from each other, when everyone else has an office, yet sales is the ONE department which is on the phone the most, dealing with your most valuable asset.. the customer?

I love my job I love my job I love my job

Bossman is heading up north this afternoon for a trade show and I don't have much to keep me busy, so there's a good chance I'll be back with more words of wisdom this afternoon. In the meantime, ya'll behave yourselves.

Later Taters!