BLT Abominations

I ordered breakfast from the Grab n' Go (and go and go and go) this morning. They deliver to the Cubicle Asylum and let us run a tab, making it popular among the employees. Besides, the nearest McDonalds is forty minutes away, give or take a few, depending on how many farm vehicles you get behind.

I've not ordered from there in a while, but for two solid weeks it's been low-fat granola bars and fat-free yogurt for breakfast and I just couldn't face one more morning filled with crunchy-nutty goodness.

I needed food dammit.

So I called the Grab n' Go (and go and go and go) and placed an order for a BLT with egg. I'd rather have a yummy biscuit, but they're greasy and tend to accentuate the "go and go and go" effect... if ya know what I mean.

Anywho, there are certain assumptions that one makes when ordering a BLT with egg. One assumes there will be bacon, lettuce and tomato with egg. It's understood that there will also be mayonnaise. I have gotten BLTs from the Grab n' Go (and go and go and go) that had no "L" and I've occasionally received them without "T." I'm usually asked when ordering if I want mayonnaise, which I just assume one would apply to a BLT automatically, otherwise there is nothing to hold it all together. If I were concerned with calories and fat grams, I'd be chowing down on another bar of compressed cardboard granola bar, not eating bacon, so yeah, I expect mayonnaise.

What I do not expect to find on my BLT with egg is cheese. There is no "C" in BLT. To add insult to injury, the cheese was smooshed directly against the mayonnaise.

CHEESE SHOULD NEVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH MAYO!! (unless it is melted cheese and graces the top of a mooburger.)


In other news...

If ya'll take a gander at the end of the right sidebar you'll notice that Google Almighty has graciously allowed me back into the fold. I have a page rank. It's not colossal, but hey, it's not a big fat goose egg either.

I've also added a list of some of the more popular posts here at Hidden Mahala. Originally the list was much longer, but me and Blogger's link list widget had some disagreements and after I took it out back behind the shed for a prayer meeting, I had to start over and do it the old way. I'll be adding more posts to the list in coming days.

Alrighty then. It's Hump Day ya'll. Hump it real good. I'm going to go earn my pittance for the day. Ya'll be good.

Later Taters.