Bubbles Crosses the Line

There was nearly a cat fight at the Cubicle Asylum yesterday morning. Mild mannered, ever forgiving Lulu came dangerously close to ripping Bubbles a new one.

Unfortunately the situation diffused itself when Lulu regained her composure and returned to her office.

Note to self: When Lulu tells you that you didn't turn in a time card for the previous week, it's probably not a good idea to send her on a wild goose chase to find it, then make smartassed remarks when she informs you that it wasn't in any of the places you suggested she look. You might just want to shut the hell up and fill out a new one, because if you don't, she may just tell you she doesn't give a rat's patootie if you get paid or not.

Additionally, once you realize that you've crossed Lulu, you probably shouldn't call her and try to suck up, claiming your comments weren't directed at her, when she was standing directly in your line of vision, in your cubicle when you made them. Lulu probably won't buy your BS when you claim you were actually talking to PG as he walked down the hall, having nothing to do with the situation whatsoever.

That's just going to rattle Lulu's cage all over again.

It sucks to be Bubbles right now.



Dianne said...

"It sucks to be Bubbles right now"

That just made me laugh and laugh and laugh!
It's gonna last me all morning.

Mahala said...


Anonymous said...

Good one, I am so glad I don't have to do time sheets.


Tori Lennox said...

Too bad Lulu discovered that restraint. *g* A Bubbles smackdown would just made my day!

BetteJo said...

Unfortunately the situation diffused itself? There's no denying who or what you were hoping for! Lol!
Probably would have been good for a couple of posts too!

Joy T. said...

Poor Bubbles. Ok not really but I bet she's in the corner licking her wounds right now!

AC said...


kenju said...

You never have a dull minute there, do you? LOL

poopie said...

Lawwwwwddd...there IS a God!