Phew.. I Made It

Hey ya'll, I would have been here sooner, but people have been like.. expecting me to work and stuff.

The nerve.

I began the day behind schedule because I left at three yesterday. I had one of those pukey sinus headaches that make you want to stab your eye out with a plastic butter knife. I brought a wall thermometer in from home which also reads the humidity level. Within ten minutes after hanging it in my office, it had dropped from 65% to 40%.

I think I've discovered the cause of my frequent sinus headaches.

When payday finally gets here, I'm going to invest in a small humidifier, if I can find one cheap. Hell it can't hurt.

Plans for the weekend include hauling the bio hazard recliner to the dump, along with a few appliances that have seen better days. Seriously... my front porch looks like it belongs in one of those documentaries about backwood mountain people. The only thing missing is a few pairs of white granny panties strung across the entryway.

Pray the dryer holds out or it'll happen.

Also on the weekend agenda are plans to finish out my "Cream O' the Crop" sidebar list and update my blogroll. I add folks to my feed reader but I forget to share it with ya'll.

Anywho, I'd best get back to it. At least it's Friday and it's half over. Ya'll hang in there.

Later Taters!


Jeni said...

Yeah, those doggone people who expect folks to actually do a little work sure do have their doggone nerve though, don't they?

Got my high speed connection today and baby, I'm loving it!

poopie said...

Okay, I'm jealous. Your weekend sounds a whole lot more exciting than mine.

terri said...

I hate it when they make you work at work. My blogging activity during the daytime hours has suffered a major decline because my employer expects me to work TOO! I don't GET it!

BetteJo said...

No time for anything other than work - at work - for me too lately! What a drag!

My Heart On My Sleeve said...

I'll see your humidifier and raise you a dehumidifier. We are emptying about a gallon a day out of ours, just so we can keep our bed linens and clothing dry (nothing like climbing into a damp bed and putting on damp jeans in 27 degree weather). I can't wait to move into a house with central heat and air this summer.

kenju said...

Humidifiers are great if you keep them clean; otherwise mold moves in and your sinuses will never know what hit 'em!

Travel said...

Glad to hear you made it through the week. I just finished 9.5 hours sleep, oh what wonders it can do for you.


gemmak said...

Ewwww ----->"that make you want to stab your eye out with a plastic butter knife" Sounds pretty bad if it could induce that! ;o/

Love the new template incidentally :o)