Office Soaps and Ferguson in the Big City

In these situations, it's best to just jump in with both feet...

First, let's go over the latest developments in the continuing saga of....

~As the Cubicle Turns~
Thelma and Louise are in a tiff. Oh yes my chil'ren, the dynamic duo aren't as inseparable as they were a week ago. Louise has been confiding in Lulu that she is fed up with Thelma's trying to control her life and being "all up in her bid'ness." In the meantime, Bossman paid a visit to Thelma yesterday and from what I understand, he made some demands which Thelma deemed impossible and which resulted in Thelma pitching a snot-churning, crying, wailing fit, removing her family pictures from the walls and threatening to leave for good.

Good Gawd. It was way better than anything I've seen on t.v. in months.

By the end of the day Thelma had been in a meeting with her boss, another manager and received a phone call from the GM. Somewhere in there, one of the managers took her down to the ice cream shop for a private "off property" meeting.

Let's pause right here for just a second. I'd just like to interject that when Bossman showed his butt and pitched a screamer on Lulu and me, causing me to sit at my desk and bawl like an imbecile for the rest of the day, no one took me to town and bought me an ice cream cone.

Anywho, as you may have guessed, things are just a tad bit on the tense side here at the asylum. I try to make light of it, you know.. the laugh or go crazy philosophy. When Bossman stormed out the other day, returning 30 minutes later as if nothing had happened, me and Lulu had this exchange:

Me: "He wasn't gone long enough to go anywhere outside of Frog Pond Holler, where do you reckon he went?"

Lulu: "I was thinkin' the same thing. He don't know nobody 'round town... does he?"

Me: "I don't think so. Wherever it was, it didn't improve his attitude any."

Lulu: "Maybe he went down to visit Hoochie Mama, but when she saw him, she raised her prices and maybe he didn't have enough money to.. you know.. chikka chikka bow wow."

Me: (laughing hysterically) "Well dang, I'd raise my prices too, wouldn't you? No.. wait.. on second thought, you couldn't pay me enough."

Lulu: (giggling) "Lawd, go on and git back to work before we both git fired!"

Me: "Ya know, that's pretty sad considering how long it's been since I've had any and the fact that I'm piss poor."


Moving on...

Craig Ferguson's first guest last night/this morning was someone I identify with and have been a fan of since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I love's me some Miss Piggy.

I need to call the Big City theater again today to see when tickets go on sale for Ferguson's November visit. There's still no mention of it anywhere on the ticket broker site. I intend to score tickets front row center, although after the Vegas experience we all know I'll spend the entire time praying he doesn't notice me or look in my general direction. I'm such a social 'tard.

Baby steps.

It's almost Friday ya'll. Hang in there!

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poopie said...

Now I've got a bossman I wouldn't mind shaggin'...for free! But the drama?? Heck no. Leave it back in jr high school puleeez.