Smarty Pants and Carnage

It's official. I am in a mood.

I ran home just long enough to prod the Amazon into the hippy van before heading out to the grocery store last night and with all the drama and chaos at the asylum yesterday, I was already a little on edge before we even got to the store. I have to drive by Mamaw's house on the way to the only grocery store on this end of the county, so I can't go without thinking of her, even though it's been almost two years since she died. I still find myself glancing at her porch to see if she's sitting there breaking beans, rocking slowly and humming old hymns.

The actual shopping was painless, other than the price of cheese, which still grinds my gizzard. We made it to the check out line where the front end manager was being a smartass to the new cashier, managing to tick me off royal. The poor girl just wanted to know if she could buy a drink on her break, to which he answered, "Well it's your BREAK, I reckon you can buy a drink if you want to, this IS a grocery store." He then gave me that cocky grin, showing me how proud he was of his smart mouth.

It was then that the front end manager became familiar with "the look."

I spotted one of my cousins over by the shopping carts, he saw me and came over, giving me a big ol' bear hug. The funny thing was, the Amazon didn't know who he was and thought I was being wallered by a long lost male suitor. He's from daddy's side of the family so he's not someone I see often. Anyway, seeing him stirred up all those feelings about Mamaw all over again, it was the first time I'd seen him since her funeral.

By the time I left the grocery store I was pretty down in the dumps. On the way home we saw the front half of a deer tossed over in the ditch. I don't mean only the front half was visible, that's all there was. Something had ripped it in two.

Nothing says prozac like a half mangled Bambi carcass when you're already depressed.


I've got an update from my post earlier today. I called the Big City theater and talked to the nice lady at the box office. She said she thinks tickets for Craig Ferguson's show in November will go on sale September 14th, but to call her back next week to make sure. Before long I'm going to have her on speed dial.

I'm gonna go put my feet up now. We'll talk tomorrow. Ya'll be good :)


Miz said...

I sympathise with you, after the accident I brought out my Moms ashes for comfort. Sometimes you just need...they are gone but you still need.

BetteJo said...

Yeah missing people ...

...but you still had the wit to write about the half mangled Bambi carcass, that has to be a good sign, right?