It's Lip Smackin' Good, Ya'll!

A cool breeze was blowing in Frog Pond Holler this morning. The slight bite in the air was a welcome change after temperatures hovered around ninety for the past few weeks. Things are surprisingly quiet at the asylum, Bubbles must be worn out from her vacation. I really thought she was going to come in wired to the hilt and bouncing off the walls, but thankfully I was wrong.

Since Lulu is on vacation, my old supervisor is here from the other plant to keep some of her accounting duties caught up. He was probably the best boss I've ever had, nice looking and good gawd he smells yummy, the complete opposite of Bossman.

This Monday is shaping up to be pretty good after all.

The weekend was a complete bust. I accomplished nothing, other than watching "The Illusionist," which I thought was great, but you can hardly count that as productive. I finally tossed some clothes in the washer right before bed last night so that at least I'd have some clean granny panties to wear today.

I did spend some time tweaking my Second Life business (now with two locations to serve you!) I've dreamed for years of having my own business, at least I can sort of live the dream there. Think of it as interactive Monopoly.

I'm going to go now and enjoy my cold, milky bowl of cottage cheese and peaches while smelling the aroma of Bubbles' bacon, egg and cheese sandwich (with extra mayo) and reacquainting myself with the sound of her lips smacking and intermittent moans of "mmmmmmmmm."

Ya'll have a good Monday.

Later Taters


aka_Meritt said...

Do you think you could put in for a transfer to the other plant? With the good boss?

kenju said...

I walked out on my deck this morning and revelled in the 68* temps, although the mosquitoes met me at the door and had their breakfast.

Mahala said...

That would be awesome if I could Meritt, but the cutie patootie isn't a supervisor anymore, plus I'd have to commute an hour.

kenju: wasn't it nice?? Sorry about the skeeters though.

poopie said...

In my opinion being productive is highly overrated. Especially on weekends :)