Life's Unanswered Questions

I made it through Monday relatively unscathed. Bubbles didn't get cranked up until about three o'clock, I knew the peace and quiet wouldn't last forever.

Yesterday morning, before everyone else got their lazy asses rear ends out of bed, I was watching one of those home improvement, DIY shows. The young couple being interviewed told the camera how they had settled for a smaller house that needed some work instead of a nicer one like their friends'. The house they had settled for was a hundred times nicer than what I live in and I found myself wondering if I'd ever live in a decent house again. I mean, what if this is it? What if it's all down hill from here on out? The more I thought about it, the further down in the dumps I managed to get until I had myself worked up into an honest to Gawd hissyfied fit.

You would think that would be it, but no. My neuroses are varied and can change at a moment's notice. Kinda like a drag queen with a trunk full of his old Aunt Maple's formal dresses and feather boas.

I should be ashamed, I thought to myself. There are people all over the world who would be down-on-their-knees thankful to have a roof over their head and to whom a fine stone fireplace or a dishwasher would seem unobtainable. How dare I be so selfish?

Ever since my brief little visit yesterday to crazy-hormone land I've wondered..

Is it ambition? Or is it selfishness? Is there a difference, really? I mean, can you have ambition without being at least a little selfish?


The giant coochie sculpture episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" is on. I've got my priorities. We'll talk more later.


Travel said...

I think that many people are looking for happiness and security in what they see as bigger and better homes. We imagine that if the home is larger and nicer the people must be happier. Finding happiness in what we have is a virtue that not enough of us practice. Homes in the country have grown to huge proportions as families has gotten smaller and smaller. Why do we need 1000 square feet of home per person? I am all in favor of smaller is better. We have to much stuff, and not enough happiness. Happiness does not take up much space.


Mahala said...

That was beautifully said DG :)

kenju said...

After reading DG's comment, I am ashamed to say that I live in a house with more than 1000 sf per person, since there are only 2 of us here now. But back when we were five, plus a dog and a cat - it was fine. I do need to downsize, though. At this point, I'd be thankful for a roof and 4 walls!

craftyhala said...

My husband, two teenagers and I line in a two bedroom single wide mobile home. Our bedroom is the living room. I have a couch to separate bed from living room. We also have three cats who love to spread out.
We downsized from a three bedroom house and it was hard, but we couldn't pass up the job and property we live on.
At times I would kill for my two carports and garage, fireplace, dining room...all of it...then I'm happy because my family is happy...gosh the kids have never done so well as since we've been here.
I do have my "get me outa here" moments too but for now it is a good thing.