Give Me Strength

Overheard during a phone call taking place in the neighboring cubicle moments ago (I shit you not):

"Way-eeelll... you just have yourself a WHOPPING GOOD DAY, ya hear??"

It was followed by loud, boisterous, hysterical laughter.

If what I always say is true, that what comes around, goes around, then I'd REALLY like to know what the crap I did that I'm paying for by working here.


Travel said...

Gives you something to blog about.


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...


I didn't realize we work in the same office!


Mahala said...

You have a point there DG lol.

OMG Idgie!!!!! Can I send Bubbles to work with you? She's heading to the beach next week in her spiffy new uber camper thing. Maybe ya'll will run into each other lol.