Dream a Little Dream of Me

I keep meaning to tell ya'll about the dreams I've been having lately, but I get sidetracked. Not the ending world hunger or being the first woman president kind of dreams, but the nocturnal chaos that creeps in to your inner most thoughts, shaking the bits and pieces of your reality like dice in a Yahtzee cup.

Yeah.. those kinds of dreams.

In the first one, I was living in a house situated upon the same spot of land which my trailer now occupies. The house was an older one and reminded me of my Granny's house, which really did sit in this very spot. The one detail that I remember (from the dream) most vividly was the sort of milky light blue color of the walls that you just don't see anymore. The ceilings were constructed of tiny slats of wood, maybe an inch in width. I know there's another name for it, you see ceilings and walls made this way in old farm houses.

This is where it gets weird. It was like Frog Pond Holler was living in a different time period separate from the rest of the world, right down to clothing from the late 1900s. A film crew had showed up to do a documentary about the town and had stopped and asked me to help them find a place to spend the night. I explained to them that I wasn't originally from here, so I understood their big city ways, but they'd have to be careful not to upset the rest of the residents when interviewing them.

It was kind of like "The Village."

The next night I had another weird dream. In this one I was wondering around a mall, which seems to be a recurring theme with me. There were two sections, the busy part with all the shops and customers milling about, then the hidden area that seemed to still be under construction with empty store fronts and dark hallways, as is always the case in my "mall dreams." Just for the record, I'm not one of those shopaholic type people who love the mall. I get to the actual mall about once a year, so apparently it's symbolic of something else to my subconscious. I usually end up wandering around the hidden part, trying to get back to the busy area, but it's during my wandering around that I encounter people or things that I learn from. In this one, I found a chute type opening to the ceiling with a ladder attached to the side. There were Asian men in dark clothes climbing up the ladder rapidly. It was explained to me that they were going up to get on the roof where they could ski off the top.

When I finally found my way back to the busier part of the mall, I spotted a couple that I knew standing beside a bakery / desert shop. Before I go on, although I recognized these two people in the dream, there was a sense that it was actually someone else. Anywho, the shop window had a dark purple sign that said "Kiramisu" in cursive, written in white or yellow. It was meant to be a play on the word "Tiramisu," a desert, and the name "Kira."

I don't know anyone named Kira, but that was the name of the female half of the couple beside the shop and she was the owner. I've never made Tiramisu, I don't know anyone with a desert shop. It's all very.. odd.

I'll leave it up to ya'll to figure it out.

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Tori Lennox said...

Were those guys in the mall ninjas? *g* I used to have fun dreams like that. I may still have them for all I know, but I don't usually remember them these days.