Catching Up

Let's get caught up on some stuff shall we?

The Cubicle Asylum

Bubbles is leaving for the beach tomorrow and won't be back for a whole week. I have mixed emotions about this, although I'll be busy taking care of her customers as well as my own, there will be peace and quiet. No gum snapping, no desk slapping, no loud boisterous phone calls, no detailed descriptions to her male customers about her upcoming tubal ligation. I know more about her uterus than I do my own.

Ya'll may recall my telling you about one of our employees who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and who had chosen to refuse treatment. He passed away on Wednesday.

Bossman was being a real mule's caboose this morning, making demands, slamming doors and Lulu's favorite... rolling his eyes like a bratty five year old. I wish he'd just quit. I'd rather be stuck there without a supervisor than have to keep putting up with his little mood swings. Do you think he'd take the hint if I left a bottle of Midol on his desk?

Around the House

The Boston Baked Beagle is still partially hairless, inflamed and itchy. The Amazon took him back to the vet the other day where he received another steroid shot and two prescriptions, one for an antibiotic and another for a yeast infection. He didn't get the yeast medication the last time, maybe that's why his skin problems came back. They told the Amazon to bathe him twice a week, once with baby shampoo and a couple of days later with dandruff shampoo. I also ordered new flea collars for all the four legged roommates and some anti-itch lotion. He seems to feel a little better, but he's not bouncing back as quickly as he seemed to last time. Personally I think it's because he didn't get to see the cute vet. I always feel a lot better when we see the cute one.

Ma is still here, but she's not speaking to me. She started the "conspiracy theory" crap on me again a couple of weeks ago and I kind of went off, now she pouts.

I've been taking on some major cleaning projects lately, things that I've let go too long. I think I'm going to skip the furniture moving housework this weekend though. I'm tired.

And on that note, I think I'm going to go put my feet up. Ya'll enjoy your weekend :)


Anonymous said...

Relax and enjoy the weekend. It was a long month this week.


kenju said...

Enjoy your weekend. I am headed to Greensboro to deposit one grandchild with her uncle, aunt and cousins for 4 days. Said grandchild is as close to ADHD as one gets - so I am glad to be free after 3 days, 2 nights with her - I am pulling my hair out by the roots.

Bert said...

I'm lost on the conspiracy theory/Ma thing. Please explain (in private). And in the meantime havd a FANDOODLYTASTIC weekend, ya hear!!!!!!

Tori Lennox said...

Enjoy your Bubbles-Free week!

What conspiracy is your mom theorizing about?