Don't Insult My Intelligence

Star Jones announced today that she didn't lose all that weight by "diet and exercise" as she had previously claimed, she admitted to having gastric bypass surgery. Supposedly this was meant to be some big fat revelation, but anyone who has ever struggled with their weight knew it was a load of bull hockey all along.

Now, let me be crystal clear here. If you choose surgery for weight loss that's your business, everyone has different reasons for making the choices they do. But to stand up in front of the camera and claim that you've lost over 150 pounds in under a year with "diet and exercise" when you've actually had surgery is a big ol' slap in the face to people who really are trying the old fashioned way.

You could just hear them, couldn't you Star? Ooooing and ahhhhhing over your willpower and stamina, making them feel inadequate because they couldn't achieve what you had?


I just hope you were believing your own bullcrap all this time, because no one else was.


Aarin said...

i completely agree. anyone that believed she did it through diet and exercise kinda needs a helmet (in my opinion) because she basically would have had to not eat for about 8 months to do that. not cool mrs jones. not cool at all. im sure the amazon has told you of me and my plans for that surgery because i have major health concerns. while i dont know mrs jones medical history, i feel like she didnt do it because of health reasons. she got fat and didnt want to be called fat anymore. thats what hollywood is all about, and she should have realized that from the start. if you cant handle being called fat, then become a hermit cuz someone somewhere will say it.

wow, that became a really long rant...sorry 'bout that


Mahala said...

Girl, rant on!!

Tori Lennox said...

I lost what little (which wasn't much) respect I had for her when she let the sponsors of The View subsidize her wedding. C'mon, you couldn't afford to pay for you own?! Geez.