Be Forewarned

Do ya'll have any idea how happy it makes me to open my eyes, wipe away the sleep induced crusties, hear the rain tapping softly against the bedroom window and know that I don't have to face the Cubicle Asylum, or even get up if it doesn't suit me?

I'm going to be doing some tinkering around with the old template today. I'm warning ya'll because once, back when I first started blogging and had even less clue about CSS than I do now (yes it is possible) I tried to post a picture and totally effed up my whole template. It had something to do with copying the wrong code from flickr into my sidebar. As a result, nothing would show up on my whole page 'cept the background. I'm a tad bit more wise now than I was then, but just a tad. I've seen some really beautiful templates around the blogosphere lately, it would be nice to hire a pro, but although things are improving daily here around the house, finances are still on the lean side. Besides, I love feeling all techie and creative.

All day yesterday my AuctionAds kept disappearing and reappearing. I had decided to forget it and had plans to remove the code today. I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I read that AuctionAds has been acquired by a large media group. Therefore, I've decided to grant it a temporary reprieve. We'll wait a bit and see what happens.

My email exchange with the scam artist claiming to be the poor dying widow of a wealthy businessman in Dubai continues. If I make it through the template tinkering without blowing anything up, I'll share all those emails with ya'll. It's getting pretty ridiculous. At the very least, with the time that I'm using messing with their feeble little brains maybe there's one less poor schnook they're ripping off... and it gives me something to do at work when I'm bored.

I'll check in later, but in the meantime ya'll enjoy your weekend. Hug the chil'ren, kiss the critters, give Mom and Dad a holla. It's all good

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craftyhala said...

nice blue.