I Skeered Myself

Lawsy, the template changing got downright traumatic yesterday morning. All I really wanted was to have three columns and I'd found some templates to try. It was all quite simple... in theory. The templates I'd found though turned out to be fubared ("effed up beyond repair = fubar" It's a medical term.) After I totally annihilated my original page, I attempted to reinstall the code and start from scratch, but Blogger said "NO." That's when my hands began shaking, beads of perspiration forming on my brow, I thought I was going to have to do a shot of Nyquil to calm my nerves. Then I found this, a site with a few simple three column templates, two of which had instructions for adding your own header picture. I actually liked the dark red themed template better, but there was no room for the picture and at this point I was so confused, I was in no shape to try to figure anything out.

I'm not committed to the picture I have at the top, I couldn't deal with Photoshop for more than a few minutes without losing my mind. When I find a better shot to use I'll tinker with the colors a bit more... now that I can breathe again.