You'd Think It Was the Second Coming

Ya'll are gonna have to bear with me this morning, my allergies have kicked in to overdrive and my eyes are all blurry. If it weren't so early in the day, some might accuse me of being tipsy. Let's pray that the pseudo Claritin and the OTC decongestant from the dollar store kick in soon.

Bossman is going to be a bit late today, he's gone to the airport to pick up some big wigs that work for our biggest customer. It's time for our once-every-three-years collective suck up. I had to get all dolled up and like.. put on real shoes, but not to worry, I've got my big purple fuzzy slippers hidden under my desk and the instant those people leave I'm slipping my big achin' dogs right back inside them. Bubbles even put on lipstick for the occasion. Bright hot pink lipstick.

Bless her heart.

When company comes, it's an office wide event. They bring in sandwiches from the diner, donuts from the grocery store and coffee is kept made fresh all day even if they don't ask for it. The only upside to the visit is that we get the leftovers. It's a good thing there'll be coffee on demand all day, last night around 9ish I realized that I was out of coffee and had forgotten to pick any up.

World peace would be seriously threatened should I have to go without coffee.

Anywho, I'd best try to look productive, seeing how Bubbles is flitting around nattering to herself while actually doing nothing, because she's an attention ho.

"I'm so busy and we've got visitors comin' and OH my WORD I don't know HOW I can get it all done!!!!!"

Shut up Bubbles. Get your bloomers out of your crack and calm your little ass down. Sheesh.

I'll be back later to let ya'll know if I still have a job.



poopie said...

I've got company at work too which totally cramps my laid back style. I work with a gal who could be Bubbles' twin sister, by the way.

Mahala said...

Dang poopie, sorry to hear about your Bubbles twin. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.