Bits and Pieces

Thank goodness that day is in the can. I stayed dolled up all day and worked my fanny plumb off trying to hold down the fort while Bossman wined, dined, wheeled and dealed all day. When it was finally over, I came home, walked in the door and started peeling off clothes before I'd even made it past the recliner.

It's too dang hot to be wearing all this war paint and itchy clothes.

I'd stopped at the store in town to pick up wienies, buns, chili, slaw, an onion, some fries and enough Cokes to last Ma until I go to the "real" grocery store this weekend. I know it's not healthy/low-fat/low cholesterol or even remotely good for you but after a day like today, I don't give a rat's ass hiney, I just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. I dropped the bags on the couch next to the Amazon, started peeling clothes and looking for something to wear. I settled on an old tie-dyed t-shirt that has so many holes in it, it barely covers the important bits, but it's so comfy.

After I instructed her to put the food away, I sat down in front of the computer to see what PayPerPost opportunities were available. The selection starts to dwindle after around six o'clock or so, so I usually try to grab one as soon as I get home. As I was doing this, Ma came hobbling into the kitchen with that lost look on her face.

"Did you make hot dogs yet?"

"Not yet, I'll get it in just a minute," my answer causing her to sigh a little, grab her last cold Coke and after taking her mail, teetering back down the hall to her room. So then I felt sort of bad, I'm sure to her it looked like I was just playing on the computer, not trying to scrape up a few extra bucks to put towards the one credit card I still owe money on.

I found a sponsored post that I thought I could work with and went in to the kitchen to get the hot dogs going so they could be cooking. That's when I discovered that there would be no cooking until dishes were washed. I swear, they must multiply over night. Or those danged garden gnomes are at it again, sneaking in after we all go to bed and partying all over my counter tops.


It's now 7 p.m. The dishwasher is doing it's thing, the requirements of the sponsored post have been met, I'm still just wearing the tie-dye shirt and granny panties, no sense in looking for shorts to wear this late. I suppose the wienies will get cooked eventually.

Anywho, it's Thursday and that means "The Starter Wife" comes on USA tonight at 9 0'clock, a mini series with Debra Messing. I just adore her, she reminds me of Lucille Ball in a way. I loved her on "Will and Grace."

Ya'll hang in there, tomorrow's Friday. We've almost got this one licked.

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