Leaky Eyes, Motorcycles and Ferguson

Oh gawd. I've got allergy head bad. Three different people have come by my desk to ask if I'm upset and to tell me that I look like I've been crying.

It's biker weekend in Frog Pond Holler, one of three we have every summer. The group that's here this weekend isn't too bad, they're pretty mild mannered. Things should be peaceful, other than at least one motorcycle wreck up on the mountain.

In case ya'll were wondering, the wienies finally did get cooked last night. I really need to head to the grocery store tonight to do some serious hunting and gathering. When the food supply gets low and we start cooking whatever we can get our hands on in town, all healthy concerns go out the window. I need to figure out something I can bring to work in the mornings for breakfast. See, the diner delivers breakfast at nine every morning and although I don't get anything from there, Bubbles, Thelma and Louise always have some kind of bread, gravy and egg combination that makes my mouth water. I need to find something I can bring with me. I tried bringing oatmeal, but that just doesn't travel well.

Have you ever tried to scrape an oatmeal, milk and honey mixture out of a duffel bag when the lid failed? It's not pretty.

I have to get this I-ate-like-a-starving-child-from-a-third-world-country-in-a-donut-shop-when-I-quit-smoking weight off. I'm miserable, I look like Jabba the Hut and I feel like Lulu from Hee-Haw. Hell, I quit smoking, I can do this too right?

So this morning I'm watching Craig Ferguson and he mentions the dates he's appearing in various venues around the country this summer. I sighed a little because the last time I checked the Altanta date had been cancelled along with any sliver of a chance that I'd be able to see him perform live again. But as he talked about it, I felt a little Universal nudge to go to the computer and check again, which I did.

Craig Ferguson will be appearing in Big City this November.


I nearly choked on my Moon Pie!! (A perfectly acceptable breakfast morsel south of the Mason-Dixon) He'll be doing his thing just a hop, skip and a jump from Frog Pond Holler, it's even closer than the Harrah's on the rez. Coolness huh?

I'm a happy camper :)