It Takes So Little to Please Me

This morning I was sitting at the spare computer back in the abandoned corner office that we use for storage, when Bossman appeared and informed me that he'd just gotten an email from Sorta-Techie Guy. It said he was on his way down to our facility with my new computer, but that the monitor was on backorder and would probably arrive next week.


I'd heard that as they were replacing the old computers at the other plant, they were getting spiffy new flat screen monitors with them, but we never get the cool stuff at our office. It never occurred to me that I'd be getting a monitor too. When Sorta-Techie Guy arrived I found out that it's true. My new flat screen will be in next week.

"Some" people around the office were already miffed that I was getting a new computer, but they were dealing with it. As any of you who work in an office know, gossip spreads like wildfire and by the end of the day, two people were already fighting over who was getting my current monitor and one person in particular looked like they were going to explode at any second.


Heck, I don't understand it either. They've always scraped up spare parts from the other facilities leftovers to build us something to work with. I figure, since there have been so many complaints about Bossman up at the corporate office and the fact that our GM witnessed his little episode last week, they thought I deserved a little incentive to hang around. Or they just ran out of spare parts.

Who knows? I just know it's a little sad how excited I can get over new office equipment.


aka_Meritt said...

If they ask you why YOU get a new computer and YOU get a new moniter... tell them you give great blow jobs.


Mahala said...

LOL!! Ya know, none of them would see the humor in that.. shame.

Anonymous said...

Flat screens are great. I have not made any headway convincing my office that we need to have a plan to replace everything every 3-4 years, if it needs it or not, rather then waiting until things are exploding and then replace everything at once.