Ferguson, Clooney, Pitt and Phone Problems

At around four o'clock yesterday afternoon, we were all working away in our little cubicles when one by one we began to notice that our data entry / inventory control software was locked up. We didn't bother with the intercom, we just yelled back and forth, "Hey!!! Are ya'll locked up too??" Bubbles noticed that the internet was down (we know who was working and who wasn't now don't we?) I picked up the phone to call the Sorta Techie Guy and realized that the phone was down too.

Everyone started whipping out cellphones to call home to see if it was just us or all over town and to call the phone company. We soon realized that this whole end of the county was without phone service. This means, no phone, no dsl, no atm, no using debit cards for purchases, no 911. The fire departments were called in to man the stations while service was down, which was how we found out exactly what sections of the county were included.

It was the first time since they installed the cell tower that everyone in town really appreciated the fact that we had it, in the past someone would have to notify EOC by radio and have them call the phone company. This time, everyone was whipping out their little phones and although everyone has one, we soon realized that no one has anyone elses cell number. Worse yet, I don't even know my own.

Carl Reiner was Craig Ferguson's guest on The Late Late Show last night. He's such a funny man, I've admired his work since the Dick Van Dyke Show days. I remember that Dick Van Dyke came on (in reruns of course) every day at noon, followed by I Love Lucy on the local channel back home in Virginia. That channel, by the way, grew into Pat Robertson's CBN. I'll forever associate I Love Lucy and the Dick Van Dyke Show with summer vacations and holidays from school. I'd be willing to bet that I saw every single episode of both shows, several times, yet I still catch them both whenever I can on TvLand.

Since we're talking about Carl Reiner, as much as I admire his comedic talent, I do have to question his judgement on one issue. If given a choice between Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Craig Ferguson, as far as I'm concerned, Craiggers would win hands down. I'm not just saying that because of the occasional self-Googling habits of a certain celebrity, I don't think he stops by here anymore anyway. Attraction isn't only about nice hair, perfect teeth and your ability to snag the hottest (and most self righteous) trophy wife in Hollywood, nor is it always about how much money and power you possess. Sometimes it's about how authentic you are. I admire men who have the balls to tell me what they think and I despise being told what someone else perceives it is that I want or need to hear. I work alongside people every day who put forth so much effort into being something they aren't, to present a fake front, never admitting even to themselves what they really feel, to the point that they lose themselves completely. I honestly think that's what's wrong with so many of the young talented people in the spotlight today.

Oh and I also admire men who like to dance with disco balls and can make the family jewels jiggle along with Dueling Banjos.

Just for the record, Clooney would come in at a close second to Ferguson, but Pitt? Forget it. I lost any respect I had for him. Not that any of the above would even give me the time of day, I only seem to attract toothless bubbas in baggy overalls who mow for a living and spend their spare time hauling their youngins around in the back of their pickup, lookin' for a new Ma.

I'd better get back work. Ya'll have a good one!!


kenju said...

Did you find out what was wrong with the phones, etc?

In your list, I'd refuse all of them. I've never seen Craig - but I think there is only one actor I'd leave my husband for and I'm not telling who! LOLOL

Mahala said...

A pole must have come down somewhere up on the mountain to knock that much out. They had said it would be 6pm today before they'd have it fixed, but luckily it was back on this morning.