Is it Nap Time Yet?

The laundry isn't done, the dishes aren't either but hey, I got my Myspace page put together!

(Insert eyeroll here)

Okay that's not all I've accomplished. I managed to rig the van door so that it'll stay closed and rearranged some things so that I can get in on the passenger side. Having done that, I deemed it safe to go to the grocery store, which I did. I spent too much, but we were out of a lot of stuff. I also splurged and bought a new water filter attachment for the kitchen sink. Some of ya'll may remember that I used to have one until one day it split and sent a lovely fountain spray across the room. The town water supply in Frog Pond Holler has so much chlorine in it that you can smell it, but then they have to use quite a bit to kill the germs from the wayward wildlife that sometimes gets in the collection tank and perishes. Between me and the Amazon, we were going through cases of bottled water, so I decided it would be worth it to buy a new filter. The grocery store had them on sale so I grabbed one.

So anyway, I've only got three friends on Myspace, one of which is actually a chimp and another being the auto friend that everyone gets, so if any of ya'll feel so inclined, feel free to pop over here and say hi.

I'm off for now :)


AC said...

The calla lillies are really pretty. Does one have to be a My Spacer to be your friend there?

i am a good deal older than you are.

Mahala said...

Not older, you just have more life experience :)