Hunting, Gathering and Bluegrass

For some reason, the coffee always seems to taste better when consumed at home, when I'm moving at my own pace rather than at the office, where Bossman is always looming nearby.

Breakfast wasn't a healthy choice, it was a concoction I used to eat when I was growing up. Buttered toast torn to bits with two fried eggs, over medium, tossed on top, then it's all chopped up and mixed together. Good stuff.

I really don't have anything profound or funny to tell ya'll this morning, I think I'm still mentally recovering from a hectic week at work and a slightly emotional one here at home. Nothing major, I just had one of my meltdowns with Ma yesterday when she asked me for the gazillionith time when I was getting the van fixed and when I was going to the grocery store. I kinda lost it on her.

The Amazon is planning on going to the music festival in town later today. It's all bluegrass with some local story tellers and clogging mixed in. They have it every year, it began as a fundraiser to help save one of the mountains from clear cutting. I'm still not sure who got the money that was raised or how it had anything to do with the USFS decision on clear cutting, but the festival remains. If I can convince her to go grocery shopping with me (she's the coupon wrangler) so that it won't take as long, I may make an appearance in town too.

I'd better get my rear end in gear, ya'll enjoy your Saturday :)

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