Don't Call 911.. Yet

Okay, ya'll are gonna have to bear with me today. I was up all night battling intestinal demons and I'm still not sure who won. I called in sick to work on the day that the CEO is visiting, so I'm sure I'll have to deal with interrogation tomorrow, but what the hey.

I'll be back in a bit after I take in last nights Craig Ferguson recording, liquids and maybe a nap.

Oh and just for the record... lime sherbert is no where near as yummy the second time around.


poopie said...

Bless your heart :(
Take care.

p00karabbit said...

feel better and try to pamper yourself.


kenju said...

Awwww, I'm sorry. If you aren't able to eat much, you can probably keep down some white rice with a little sugar on it. Hope you're better soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself, hget lots of rest and laughter.


Mahala said...

Thanks ya'll. I think I'm gonna make it :)