Odds, Ends and Top Hats

Another fun filled day at the Cubicle Asylum bites the dust. Business is still down, but I've been keeping busy doing all the things I've not had time to do for a while, like updating my contact database and filing.

I despise filing.

I've begged repeatedly for an assistant to help with the task, preferably male.. hispanic.. Raul sounds nice.

Yeah that's not gonna happen.

Moving on...

There haven't been any more possum casualties so far. For this, the Amazon is truly thankful. I'm kinda happy too, seeing how she has made it perfectly clear that she will NOT be doing body removal again any time soon. That was just nastiness.

Memorial Day is coming up, that means a three day weekend for me (yay!) The Amazon will be gone to Animazement with some of her friends, a Japanese animation geek-fest with costumes and.. some other stuff. I'm not really sure. I'm probably better off not knowing.

The holiday weekend also means there will be a humongo crap load of tourists, hikers, bikers and rafters clogging the only two roads out of town all weekend. I remember one year, right after we moved here, there was a riot/brawl/free for all in downtown Frog Pond Holler on Memorial Day weekend. Backup law enforcement were called in from other states, squad car windows were kicked out and mayhem ensued as drunken hillbillies ran amok.

It was poetry man. The Duke boys ain't got nothin' on us.

If ya'll haven't been watching Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show this week, you're missing a treat. It's magic week and there's a different magician every night. I like watching magic shows, but I miss the days when they all wore top hats and handle bar mustaches.

I bet Craig Ferguson would look hot in a top hat. Nothing else.. just the hat................ sorry.. got lost in my own thoughts for second.

Ah well, there's chicken with rice, green beans and biscuits calling my name. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters.


Miz said...

You think toursts are fun, I schedualed a yard sale. Kill me now...please.

kenju said...

Biscuits? Now what didja have to say that for??!! Now I have to make another trip downstairs for a snack.

Anonymous said...

What happens if I read through in a hurry, clogging on the two roads in and out of town, they should move the clogging off into a parking lot or something. A mind like this could be dangerous if not carefully controlled.


AC said...

"I'm probably better off not knowing"

Profound, and, me too.

Jenny's latest art series has had a bit too much graffiti/graf *artists* in it for my tastes. I'm trying not to get too exercised about it.

I missed the possum episode, gotta catch up.

aka_Meritt said...

A guy in only a top hat... makes me shudder. Just not seeing it the way you are. LOL.

NO holiday plans here... hubby always works holidays.

And the Filing? I used to work for a temp agency in California and did that for about a week straight... nothing but filing ALL their bills, papers and invoices as they moved to a new office. My fingers were RIPPED UP. Bandaids on every one.

Mahala said...

miz: Bless your heart! I need to have one, but I'm tempted to just load it all up and take it to the Salvation Army.

Kenju: Don't get too excited, they're of the frozen variety, not made from scratch.

DG: LOL well there will be clogging in town this weekend, the dancing kind. I might even get up the nerve to actually leave the house and take some pictures.

AC: Ignorance is bliss.

meritt: Filing is hell on your cuticles and I always put it off until there's an insane amount to deal with.