Sometimes I'm the Dunce

Dang it got hot all of a sudden. I was just starting to get used to that little chilly bite in the air then bam.... it's gone.

I spent a good hour this morning re-doing the territory maps at work. The whole Washington D.C., Washington state thing resurfaced, only this time there was no mention of Canada... thank goodness. I'm not sure I could have kept my composure if it had. Anywho, Louise asked if I'd reprint the maps with the full state names instead of just the abbreviations, apparently it was causing some confusion.

I started to jump all over that and make fun of Thelma and Louise and their ongoing struggle with geography, but I stopped myself when I had to admit that I sometimes have the same problem. The state abbreviations drive me nuts. We spent a big chunk of time in the fifth grade, with Mrs. Wiltz and her bit ol' flame red beehive hairdo learning the state abbreviations, a task I mastered by the way. Then, not long after I completed my academic career (or gave up on it rather) they went and changed all of them. Now, I'm perpetually confused. NE could be either Nevada or Nebraska, ME could be Maine or Minnesota, is AK Alaska or Arkansas??

Why did they have to go and change them??


If you missed last nights story about our latest possum run-in, scroll down to "It's Gross Ya'll."

Ya'll have a good 'un. I'm headed back to the asylum.


El Mostro said...

Saludos desde Mosterio.

Travel said...

You should insist on a massive in service training that take all of you all on the road to every state. At the end of it you all would know where all of the states are and live and work happily together ever after (when it rains pigs!)


Mahala said...

el mostro: Saludos!

DG: I love your idea :) Any excuse to travel is fine with me.