New Stuff For Me Yaaay!!!

Today I found out that I get a shiny new Dell computer at work, it's like Christmas in June!! I don't think the news is going over too well with Bubbles. She's been begging for a new computer for almost a year. Hers works, but just barely. It's so slow that when it locks up I joke and tell her it's because she's not pedaling fast enough. They've patched it together with spare parts repeatedly and promised her that when sales improved, she'd be the first in line for a new one. In the mean time, Bossman got a spiffy new laptop. I think Bubbles is a little annoyed.

Until the new one arrives, things are going to be interesting. My office is at one end of the hall and the spare computer is at the other end, so I've put a few miles on my Freddy Flintstone feet today. I threatened to show up with a skateboard tomorrow.

It's still hotter 'n crap here in Frog Pond Holler.. and dry. Everything is turning brown and shriveling up. The end is in sight though, they're promising some much needed rain for the weekend.

The Amazon is making chili for supper, so I should probably go supervise. I hope ya'll had a happy Hump Day.


the gritlet said...

Praise the lord for rain. All I ask is that you don't use it all, cause I want some.

--The Gritlet.

aka_Meritt said...

I was happy when I 'had' to get up and walk places at work. Sitting at a desk all day just put 10 lbs. on me and made my butt wider. I used to get up and peer out the doorway and if no one was around I'd jog in place, stretch and run around the office to move my legs!~

As for the Dell. God Bless Ya. I hope you don't need to call customer service for ANYTHING! They are based in India with fake names like Brian and Dustin.. and they don't know SHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously. Your mother knows more than the Dell customer service people.

aka_Meritt said...

Craig has a LEGO monkey. :) (Read the very last part of the article)

Mahala said...

It's coming your way Gritlet!! It's almost here, I can see it over towards the TN line.

Meritt, with my grace and stability I'd trip on one of the gagillion cords running though my office and break something.. like my face lol.

And you do realize that now I have to have a Lego monkey right?