I Love My Job, I Love My Job, I Love My Job Part 2

The air conditioning was working at the office today. They've still not come to fix it, I guess it thawed out, I'm not real sure. So at least I didn't have beads of sweat sliding down my back and disrupting the inner peace of my bootay like I did on Friday. It wasn't all smooth sailing though, about thirty minutes after I posted about my dream, my computer went belly up. I was working away and it just cut off, stopped working as if someone had yanked the cord from the wall. Of course I tried turning it back on, but then it would just cut off again after a few minutes. Ya'll know that sometimes I'm not too bright, so I did this about five times before it dawned on me that something was wrong.

So now I don't have a computer at work. If I need to do anything computer related, I have to go up and down the hall until I find one that no one's using. I guess it's a blessing that it happened when sales are way down and there's not a lot to do anyway. It does make it harder to "look" busy without a computer. Today I spread some papers out on my desk, then took some orders out of the drawer, removed all the staples then re stapled them straighter. I also made some copies of things I didn't need copies of so I could go in the office where the copier is and gossip with Louise. Then I took the copies back to my desk and cut them into smaller sheets for scrap paper.

You can never have enough scrap paper. I mean, what would I doodle on if I ran out?

I also separated my large paper clips and my small paper clips and made two separate stacks in my paperclip holder thingie. This isn't an easy task when the holder is magnetized. My office skizzles are endless.

I did come close to releasing my inner beast upon the Bossman today. On Friday, I had gone through all the files for our one big customer, making new folders, making sure everything was in numerical order. Today he began working on some project which required that he pull the files out then place them back. Apparently this task proved to be too difficult for him. I mean... how do you put a file in the filing cabinet backwards AND miss the green hanging folder completely??? The manila folder had slid down between the hanging folders and emptied itself beneath all the other files. I had to perform a complicated extrication exercise to retrieve it.

I've seen helper monkeys complete tasks ten times more complicated than refiling a folder, surely to goodness he can get the hang of it.


There's lasagna calling my name. We'll talk again soon ya'll.

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meritt said...

... OMGosh. I can't believe you removed staples and restapled them for something to do! LOL LOL LOL