Halloween in May

It's so nice out this morning. The sun is shining, the wind's blowing. I just wanted to open my bedroom window and crawl back in bed. But no, I came to work. Nothing can screw up a nice day like facing the Cubicle Asylum.

Bossman will be a couple of hours late today (surprise, surprise!) Can you tell I'm heartbroken about it? We've been here twenty minutes and Bubbles is already on her third personal phone call. At least I don't have to listen to her discuss her uterus, she only does that with customers.

Can you tell I've got just a wee bit of an attitude problem? I mean... does it show?

I had weird dreams this morning. I was in a car with a man I've never seen. He was sort of geeky looking, with thick rimmed glasses. We were driving through this neighborhood at dusk on Halloween. There were all these gruesome displays set up in people's yards, kids running around in costumes. I remember seeing some people on a hill .. or a cliff.. dressed in red robes, they looked like monks. Then there was a big house with a wrap around porch with girls running around in little blue uniforms. It was some sort of Christian camp / retreat thing. There were a couple of kids dressed as angels standing right on the curb at the edge of the road holding a sign that said "Use Caution" or "Drive Slowly" or something to that effect. We eventually found what we were looking for, a burger joint with a walk-up window. We'd called in our order and were picking it up. The building was situated between houses, part of the neighborhood. The last thing I remember was trying to open the car door to pick up our order and my long skirt being caught in the door, causing it to jam.

Weird huh? I'll let ya'll interpret that one. Maybe I'm supposed to use caution when approaching cheeseburgers? And who was the nerdy guy? He even had a nerdy car. Is my life being piloted by a dorky spirit guide who drives a 1978 Buick?


Ya'll have a good one.


Kim said...

Have a good week!

Kim said...
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Anonymous said...

Always use caution when aproaching a cheesburger, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

78 Buick, my grandmother had one, nice car in it's day. Maybe a geeky man is going to rescue you in a nice but older car, take you away from your troubles to the land of endless cheeseburgers. I better look in the mirror and see what a geek mobile I am driving.


poopie said...

You've been eatin' chili peppers before bed again, haven't you?

Mahala said...

kim: thanks! you too girlie.

DG: Nothing wrong with a geekmobile, as long as the doors shut lol.

poopie: not this time lol.