Power Issues, Johnny Depp and Sparkle Sparrow

The sky is full of dark gray clouds, gently rolling over Frog Pond Holler. The wind is picking up, I think it's going to happen. I think it may actually rain.

The new computer will be at the Cubicle Asylum some time next week. In the meantime I'm getting plenty of exercise waddling at warp speed up and down the hall. I got a call from our sorta-geek this morning. He said that everything inside my old computer was fried and that a couple of post.. thingies.. were melted off the.. something or another. He thinks it was a hellacious power surge that blew the life out of computer. I guess it makes sense, the way our lights flicker and our desk fans will speed up and slow down for no apparent reason. We've been laying bets on when we'd come in to work and find the whole place burned to the ground for at least the last ten years.

The Amazon is out running the streets with one of her buddies. I think she's gone to drool over Johnny Depp in his latest pirate flick. He's easy to drool over. I noticed last week that Craig Ferguson makes a right sexy pirate too, he was in swash buckling garb in a skit on his show one night. Maybe he should be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. If Keith Richards can play Jack Sparrow's father, then surely Craig could have a role. He could be his cousin, Spencer.. or Lloyd.


Lloyd Sparrow.

No! Wait!!! He could be the cross dressing cousin of Jack Sparrow and although his name is Lloyd, he would go by a stage name... Sparkle Sparrow!!! YES!!!! There would be musical numbers with a chorus line and FANTABULOUS PIRATE BOOTS!!!!!! Sparkle's big number would take place on the deck of the ship, where he'd stare longingly up at the full moon, singing his little heart out about the pain of growing up and being denied frilly underthings!!! There won't be a dry eye in the theater!!!! He can wear a little teal number, tied at the waist with those big, lacy poet sleeves and of course, big gold hoop earrings.....


Maybe I should go lay down. I'm thinkin' maybe the work stress is getting to me.. just a tad..

It's almost Friday :)


Harmonie22 said...

I love the humor in your posts...and where you live is utterly beautiful and breathe-taking...wow!

Bert said...


Mahala said...

Thanks harmonie22 :) I can't take credit for the view though lol.

bert: OMG you're alive lol.

Tori Lennox said...

ROFL!!!! They SO need to do Pirates of the Caribbean: The Musical!!!

kenju said...

Are you sure the air-conditioning gor fixed? I think the heat got to you! LOL

Utah Freight said...

please no not a musical of that! i know i would get dragged into going to that!