Hot Hot Hot

Thank ya'll for your kind words earlier. It was a rough morning, but it got better after lunch. Bossman, who came in an hour late, then left two hours early and informed us he'd be late Tuesday morning as well.

Must be nice to be the boss huh?

They're coming to fix the air conditioning on Wednesday. Yes that's right, Wednesday. Ya'll know I live in the South right? It gets hot down here in late May. I ain't never lied to ya'll, I'm not a small woman and I tend to perspire more than what may be considered average. By the time I got off work today, after spending eight hours in that sauna of an office, the aroma that was emanating from the more confined areas of my anatomy were less than delicate. I'd given up on my hair around mid morning, wadded it up and stuck a clip in it, my shirt had a lovely ring of moisture surrounding the neckline, forget makeup and by five o'clock I'd swelled up like the Michelin man. It wouldn't have been so bad, but I had to stop at the dollar store and the diner when I got off. Ma had a hankering for a pizza and I had no interest whatsoever in cooking.
Craig Ferguson had a really good magician on last night, Rick Thomas. Last summer, before my trip to Las Vegas, I'd seen a television special featuring Mr. Thomas and his tigers. I was almost late for work this morning, I kind of lost track of time watching him.
Dang, it's getting late.. all most time for the Late Late Show. Sorry ya'll, I have my priorities.
We'll visit again soon.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if my boss is secretly seeing your boss, they seem to keeo the same hours?

You survivied the day. Think cool thoughts for Tuesday!


kenju said...

It is going to be 90 and above all week here, so I hope that your area is a little cooler. Maybe you should take a fan to work!