A Little Dry Spell Isn't That Bad

Remember how I was going to do a rain dance with a little chanting to try to end this dry spell we're in?

Just in case any of you who live down here in the same general area were planning on joining me, I'm gonna have to ask ya'll to hold off on any rain generating practices for a day or two. See, my Uncle Mullet is at the campground up the road. He considers himself to be quite the outdoors man, but unfortunately the Cherokee DNA that has blessed the rest of us in the family seems to have skipped right over him, along with any hint of basic survival instinct. He was only about thirty minutes in to his camping adventure today before he had to call his baby sister to come fix his tent, which he'd erected backwards or inside out or... something.

To be clear, my asking that we withhold precipitation producing ceremonies until his camping trip is over isn't out of great concern for the success of his camping trip. It's out of the fear that should it come a gully washer in the dead of night, Uncle Mullet will flee the campground and find his way to my front door, with his evil little heathern children in tow, as he has in the past.

No good can come of it.

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn today with a splitting headache. I know it was from sitting in that heat all day at work yesterday. It's only now beginning to ease off, after decongestants and Tylenol. Thank goodness it's a three day weekend. I've already decided that if it's this hot on Tuesday (it was over ninety here today) I'll be taking half the day off. We're not that busy and I think it's worth burning up four hours vacation to keep from getting a sinus infection. Normally I'd worry myself silly over whether my boss would get upset at me taking a day off on such short notice, but after his little performance yesterday, combined with his comments last week, I'm way beyond caring.

He's such a buttmunch.

I'm off for now. Ya'll enjoy the weekend.

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