It Ain't Over Yet

I was the first one at the office this morning, so when I walked in and realized that the air conditioner had finally gone completely to hell, I propped some doors open so we'd at least have a little ventilation. We soon realized that three fourths of the office staff weren't bothering to show up and well... it just all sort of went down hill from there.

Things were hectic but bearable until about mid morning when a screaming match erupted between Lulu and Bossman. It's important to note that Lulu is in a different department and doesn't work for Bossman, so she felt free to tell him exactly what she thought of his little outburst. As I sat there almost right between them while there was yelling and insults exchanged, I came to the realization that the situation which had caused the screaming match was actually my fault.

Oh that's a terrible feeling my friends... but I choked down my sliver of pride and butted in to let them know that oops.. I was mistaken and they were screaming at each other for no reason.

Although I was at fault for the initial screw up, there was NO excuse whatsoever for Bossman to show his behind in the manner he did. I was so peeved, jerking all over. So I did the only thing I could, I turned on the waterworks. It wasn't pretty at all.. the fat chick sitting at her desk, her face all screwed up in that "I'm trying not to cry" face, which was red from anger and the intense heat which was slowly building in the office. It soon became evident that it was useless trying to hold it back, so I just let it rip. I sobbed, churning snot, all the while still working away like nothing was wrong. I think it scared the men folk.

While this was going on, somewhere across the state line, people are burning a large area. It wasn't really an issue until this morning when, it seems the wind must have changed direction. All of Frog Pond Holler slowly filled with thick gray smoke. If you'll remember, we have no air conditioning and all the windows and doors are open, so it didn't take long for the office to fill up with smoke.

It's only lunchtime. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me, the day ain't over yet.


Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* I hope your day improves!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I wish I was there to make it all better!


kenju said...

TGIF! Hope you'll recover over the weekend.

Miz said...

Time to go home for lunch and not come back till next week!!