Craig Ferguson Live 1989 Glasgow - The Sheep Song

Okay ya'll, I've spared you my unhealthy obsession admiration for a certain Scottish born late night talk show host lately. But today when I was home for lunch, I got bored. Second Life was down for repairs or updates or.. something, I'd eaten my sandwich, checked the news for anything exciting and still had time to spare, so I went to YouTube and did a search for Craig Ferguson. Now, it's important for me to interject here, that I am NOT one of those people who spends every available moment scouring the internet for the latest tidbit of information on my favorite celebrity (if you happen to be one of those people, no offence intended) not because I'm above doing it, but because I'd rather live in my happy little world where he has no girlfriends, has no dates and is just waiting for me to happen along (ya'll hush, it's my fantasy.) But as I said, I was bored and boredom sometimes leads us to do things we wouldn't normally do.

As I clicked through the assortment of clips on YouTube, mostly from The Late Late Show, a few from the old Drew Carey days, I happened upon this gem.

Is it just me or does the young Craig bear a striking resemblence to Brandon Frasier? Also note that Craig's fan base hasn't changed much over the years.

Any of you Fergberger fans who happen to stop by have probably already seen this, but it's a first for me. Good Gawd could he get any more adorable?????



Amazon said...

I now have a new love for him o_o

If you go to Atlanta, I can come too, right?

Mahala said...

Hmmmm maybe :)