More Than I Needed to Know

Ya know, I'm not a cold hearted person... really. I feel bad for the wife of the Bubbahubby out on the floor who just had surgery of a delicate, feminine nature. I know she must be going through a great deal of discomfort and she's in my thoughts and prayers. But honest to God, if I have to listen to BubbaJoeBob explain how her bladder never awakened from it's surgical slumber and describe in intimate detail how he has to insert the catheter ("By gawd it looks just like one o' them coffee stirrers, ain't no big thang"), a feat he seems entirely too damned proud of, I may just lose my mind and run screaming through the streets of town.

I never want to know that much about another woman's nether regions. Ever.


Anonymous said...

I bet if she knew what he was saying, he'd need one of those things, or maybe even more.


kenju said...

Anonymous is probably right! He ought to be hushed up.