Craig Ferguson, Gatlinburg and Paper Bag Fashion

As ya'll know, I like to begin my day with the previous night's taping of The Late Late Show, with Craig Ferguson. This morning I noticed (and I'm not too sharp at 7a.m. so this in itself is an accomplishment) that for the second time, Ferguson expressed an interest in visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I'm not too keen on the place myself, it's kinda like Hillbilly Vegas with understated references to it's former life as the moonshine capital of the south, pseudo outhouses and caricatures of little old grannies making biscuits. There's nothing wrong with those things, it's just that I know people here in Frog Pond Holler that still have outhouses and a stash of Mason jars under the kitchen sink containing a mysterious clear liquid which is rumored to "cure what ails ya."

I would, however, be willing to bite the bullet and give the Fergburger a guided tour if he wanted. I'd have to know ahead of time so I could order a nice new bag to wear over my head. Maybe then I wouldn't be such a social retard, although I suppose I'd look like one, cruising around all the tourist spots on the trolley sportin' a big old shoppin' bag.. peering out of the little cut out holes. Heh. He could do a weekend at Harrah's over on the Cherokee reservation, then spend a few days in Sevierville, check out Dollywood, then write the whole thing off as a business trip.

It sounds like a plan to me.


Okay.. enough of that.. back to work. You get back to work too.

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kenju said...

You'll "bite the bullet", will ya'? Of course you will.....LOL