I Love My Job, I Love My Job, I Love My Job

Don't ya'll just love bosses? I know I just ADORE the heck out of mine. He's so full of spunky personality.

Ya'll know I'm full of bull pockey right?

Today, he was over in Bubbles' cubicle and mentioned Wazoo, Mississippi. I interjected that I thought that was the little town comedian Jerry Clower was from. (I honestly don't really know if it's even a real place. I was trying to be friendly and work on my social skills.) Bossman says, "Really? I didn't know that."

I answered, "Really, I'm pretty sure that's where he was from."

"Hmm I didn't realize that... and I really don't give a damn," and with that he returned to his conversation with Bubbles.

Of course, I couldn't just shut up and let it go, "OOOOhhh pardon me. I'll just sit over here and shut the hell up."

Gawd. It's enough to make a girl want to become a hermit.. and put my foot up someone's business end... sideways.


kenju said...

How rude! It would be a very cold day in hell before I'd ever speak to him again.

Robbie said...

I think Clowers is from Yazoo, MS.
LOL... and you want to put your foot up the boss' wazoo!

Mahala said...

He's a real peach huh Kenju?

OMG robbie, you're right. Clowers was from Yazoo lol.

Jim said...

Hey Mahala,

Thanks for stopping by. Perhaps Bossman and Paris should share a cell at the Fort Cody Jail? Paris might teach him a few of the finer points of human decency?

Melissa said...

That would be the last time I ever spoke to Mr. Bossman. That was so inexcusably rude.

Mahala said...

Jim: I'd pay money to see that!!!

melissa: He's the most emotionless dolt I've ever met in my life.