Winter Storms, Gomer, Jethro and Seeing Daylight

I finally made my way through all my posts and added labels for all of them. Every stinking one.

Oh my gawd. I can tell you with the utmost sincerity that I am sick to death of myself after all that.

The weather people have been predicting hellacious storms for Frog Pond Holler this weekend, but they have yet to materialize. There's been some rain and a boomer or two, but nothing to get your granny panties in a wad over. We're also under a winter storm warning from noon tomorrow until 8pm Monday, upgraded from a winter storm watch. I'm not going to get excited until I see the first flakes.

The filling station is set to open back up next week with new owners. It's gone through a total re haul since Gomer and Jethro had it. The elderly couple who own the property and ran the station for years sold gas while they were renovating, well until they ran out anyway. It's been complicated trying to figure out if you have enough gas to get back to town when you venture out and enough to get back out to civilization without running dry. There's talk that the new owners are planning to put an awning over the tank area, just like the big city stations.. and pumps with them new fangled credit card machines!!!!


I'm ashamed to admit that I've reached a point in my life where this is all it takes to excite me. I have truly been in Frog Pond Holler way too long.

I got both of my tax refunds this past week. Now I can get myself back on track, finally. Maybe.. just maybe... dare I even speculate?

Maybe I can afford to get my nails done! Oh to be stylin' again with those hookerlicious, pornstarrific, french manicured talons of beauty!!! I've been slagging around with stubby little sausage fingers for entirely too long!!!!

I uploaded some new pictures to Flickr this afternoon, click the Flickr badge in the sidebar to go to the page. Nothing fabulous, just some seagulls and a some shots down by the creek.

I think I'm going to go batten down the hatches just in case we do get this big storm they're all babbling on about.

Ya'll be blessed :)


kenju said...

I enjoyed your pics, especially the frog and the mantis, and the creek. I love flowing water!

We are supposed to get an inch of rain over night and into tomorrow am. I will have to turn off this computer before I go to bed, due to predicted thunderstorms.

Mahala said...

Ahhh.. our storm warnings have been down graded over night, I guess I should be thankful. I love taking pictures, I need to get back int he habit of taking my camera everywhere with me. I love flowing water too :)