Duane, Don and Dannielyn

I've kind of gotten out of the habit of sharing my opinion on the current events of our world, but today I think I'll cover a few things that have been on my mind:

Duane Chapman aka "Dog the Bounty Hunter" - There's been a new development since the last time we discussed this mind blowing case, but first, let's review. Chapman and his crew travelled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico back in June 2003 to hunt down and ultimately capture Max Factor heir and convicted rapist Andrew Luster. As a result, Luster was turned over to the United States by Mexican authorities and the Chapman crew was arrested.. bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico.

Duane and son Leland Chapman were eventually released, returning to the United States and going on to build a bounty hunting empire in Hawaii.

On September 14, 2006, U.S. Marshals surrounded the homes of Duane and Leland, kicking down doors and waiving guns around and generally showing their asses (when all they really had to do was make a phone call, but that's another issue) taking the Chapmans into custody for return to Mexican authorities to face charges. They were eventually released and it was generally assumed by most of the American public that charges would not be carried out nor that they'd be actually turned over to Mexico.

Now it looks like our government is actually considering turning them over to Mexico. I have mixed feelings about this. The did go in to another country and break the law and a part of me feels like they should have to pay the piper. But a bigger part of me has to look at the greater good, the scum that was taken off the streets, the fact that what they did was actually a favor to the Mexican government, not to mention the possible future victims of Andrew Luster.

I don't have the answers, I just know that it doesn't FEEL right that these people should be returned to Mexico to face charges.

Data Source: A & E

Don Imus - Man he sure stuck is foot in it didn't he? Anyone who makes comments like that in a public forum.. when it "slips out".. most probably makes similar comments on a regular basis when they're out of the public eye. I think this isn't a case of "I'm sorry," I think it's more likely a case of "I'm sorry I got caught."

Just for the record, calling women.. or anyone for that matter.. "nappy headed hos" isn't acceptable under any circumstances. I don't care if you're black, white, purple, green, male, female or a little of both. It's not right. It's hurtful. Commenters on all the news channels who imply that it was only wrong because he was a white man confuse me. If Oprah Winfrey had made the same statement would it have been acceptable? I think not. Wrong is wrong.

I'll admit that on occasion I do refer to my neighbor across the street as a "ho." But, Hoochie really is a ho. It's her profession. She charges money for sex.

Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielyn and the Whole Sordid Mess - So Larry Birkhead's DNA proves that he fathered the child. The media, the lawyers, the judges are all relieved.. but the rest of us already knew that didn't we? When they finally turn the little bundle of joy over to Larry, there's one thing I don't think anyone else has bothered to consider...


Dear Lord that woman makes my teeth itch.

This is another story I have mixed feelings about. It seems like everyone has taken sides, attempting to decide what is best for this little girl. I've tried not to say anything because I've found that my opinion on this case changes on a daily basis. It's nearly impossible to second guess who may or may not have ulterior motives and who has the child's best interest at heart. I just know that all parties involved have had to go through more tragedy in the past few months than a lot of people endure in their lifetime. It would be enough to make the sanest person go a little nuts. My heart goes out to them all.

Phew! That's a lot to get off my chest. Now I think I'll get dressed and see if I've got enough gas in the old hippy van to get to the grocery store.

Ya'll enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)


kenju said...

Title this one the Sunday sermon so I can answer AMEN!!! I said the same thing in someone's comments, about Imus.

I am sick unto death of Anna and that bunch of wolfhounds after her baby and money. I feel sorry for Dog, but he knew when he went into Mexico it was illegal there. I don't think America ought to just had them over, however.

Bert said...

Whoa Mama! Who rattled your cage?

Mahala said...

The Sunday Sermon.. I like that lol.

I'm not rattled Bert.. just slowly coming back to life :)