A Slithery Start to the Week

I dreamed about snakes last night. Two of them. One huge yellow constrictor of some kind and a little ball python. I kept having to reach in their glass enclosures and lift them out to move them. I don't know why I dreamed this, but it was the last thing I remember before I woke up.


A hell of a way to start my Monday.

They say ("they" being the unknown, unseen, all knowing authority on any given subject under the sun) that snakes in dreams are symbolic of change and healing. I guess that's not so bad. Who couldn't use a little of each of those?

It's Monday. Let's grab it by the cajones!!


craftyhala said...

Hello Mahala.
I found your blog today. I follow much of what you've written about. Then the motorcycle accident. We had one in front of our house about three weeks ago. Craig Ferguson? So funny.
My name is also Mahala. It was my great grandmothers name.
I enjoyed your blog.

kenju said...

I did grab it by the cojones and it hurt my back!

Mahala said...

Welcome crafty!! Beautiful name you have :) I hope you come back by often.

kenju.. did you over do it???

Anonymous said...

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