The Winds of Change are a Blowin'

I've been trying to get my stuff straightened out since updating my blog template. If I've missed linking to anyone I linked to previously.. it's not intentional. Drop me a comment or an email and I'll be more than happy to correct it, or even if I didn't link to you before and you'd like me to, that too can be arranged.

I've been going back through all my old posts and adding labels to them, so if you've got me on feed and it looks like I've been updating with new posts when I haven't.. I appolgize. I'll make it up to ya'll.. I promise :)


kenju said...

Thanks for the link!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Saturday...Courtney got the Arkansas Governor's Scholarship!! I'ma proud mamma today...16k over 4 yrs...I'm hoping for more! I need some single mom and college advise.

Mahala said...

Kenju: My pleasure :)

Teri: If you can get through the first year, the rest is a breeze. Lulu's son is going away to state (He'll be Kenju's neighbor:)and I've been helping her get through the paperwork and applications.