Home Perms, Craig Ferguson and Wax Jobs

Maybe it's only when he's being threatened with tickling from David Duchovny, one can't really be sure.
Me and Lulu were just discussing yesterday our mutual need for a visit to the salon for a perm and how we'd give ourselves a home perm if we could just find someone to roll it up for us. Imagine my delight when this morning I witnessed Barney Slash rolling the ebony locks of John Tesh on The Late Late Show. Do ya'll think I could get him to fly out here and do our hair? It would be just like the beauty shop in "Steel Magnolias," all of us sitting around the kitchen table in my little trailer while the Slashman himself got us all rolled up, sharing gossip and drinking coffee.
Do ya'll suppose he'd be interested in giving wax jobs too?


Loner said...

well, at the risk of becoming a celebrity stalker, it wouldn't hurt to fire off an e-mail and ask him. ha ha ha - you are so funny

AC said...

Mahala, I was recently tagged with a Thinking Blogger award and I in turn have named YOU among my five choices.

You should use the Silver Version of the award banner -- looks good on a black background. The *rules* are in my last post.

Every day, I come away laughing, my mood improved. I only wish you were my neighbor for real.

kenju said...

I was just thinking on my way home from work today, that if I could get you, Wordnerd, Trina, Renn and Tiff in the same room, I might never stop laughing!!

I hope you all get your perms soon.

Anonymous said...

Shameless! And So Funny! Wouldn't you be surprised if he showed up with a camera crew and said call in the girls!


Mahala said...

OHMYGAWD I'm answering comments!!!

Ya'll still love me right?

Loner - I border on stalking behavior all the time lol.

AC - Thank you so much for that honor! I love your posts as well and as far as I'm concerned.. we ARE neighbors. It may take me a day or two but I intend to do a "thinking blogger" post of my own :)

Kenju - Just think of all the snorting we'd do!

DG - I swear.. Lulu said the same thing. And ya know, he did play a hairdresser in "The Big Tease".. just for the record.. I'd crap my granny panties.

aka_Meritt said...

So... you and lulu roll each others. Done deal.

Mahala said...

aka_meritt: oh neither of us can roll a perm to save our lives lol. We've both tried before.. no good came of it lol.