Getting Caught Up and Happy Puppy Butts

There's a cool breeze whistling through the hills of Frog Pond Holler this evening, the perfect temperatures causing my mind to wander, conjuring up amorous thoughts and warm fuzzies.


Let's get caught up, okie dokie?

The Cubicle Asylum - Bossman is out of the office until Monday and Bubbles is taking tomorrow off. Do you know what that means??? I will be unsupervised! Of course, I'll be a busy little beaver, but that's alright. The peace and quiet will be nice. With sales down, employees leaving for greener pastures and all the sourpusses schlepping around, it's not been a very happy place to be lately.

Around Town - Our neighbor across the road began clearing his little piece of land in preparation for selling it. He completely changed the landscape, cut some trees, saved a few others.. then decided it looked too nice. He said he just couldn't let it go. I'm kind of glad, he's a sweet guy (don't get excited, he's also married) and I was more than a little concerned that Dubya would end up with it, parading around over there with his plumbers crack exposed for the world to see. I'm not sure my heart could take it.

Around the Trailer - I received both my federal and state tax refunds, paid off the biggest chunk of debt I had (other than the house payment), got my other bills caught up. Good gawd what a relief. I feel like I can breathe again.

Sammy's doing much better, his butt is no longer hairless (thank God, that was so embarrassing) and he doesn't stink like a rancid pole cat anymore. I would like to know if the steroids could still be causing him to be full of piss and vinegar and when forgawdsake they're going to wear off. Nothing is safe. Not me, not Ma, not the cat. I can be curled up on the couch, watching a little television, not bothering a soul.. then suddenly find myself staring inside the moist, black nostril of a Boston Baked Beagle after he just appears on the couch, managing to maneuver his 45 pound body on to the six inch square spot of bare space beside me.

It's a TAD bit unnerving.

Then he just stares at me like he just KNOWS I'm going to reveal some, until that moment, concealed mystery of the universe and he wants to make ABSOLUTELY sure he does NOT miss it.

Thank goodness for squeaky toys, the perfect distraction.

Hmmmm.. squeaky toys. Maybe that's what I need at the office.

We've almost got this one licked.. hang in there :) Saturday's coming.


kenju said...

How can you be so funny day after day?

Mahala said...

Awwww shucks

Bert said...




(you're not that funny)

Mahala said...

Awwww no more chicken? I was only foolin'. You're too sensitive.