Being all Stealthy and Warm

It's taking me a while to get around to contacting everyone who read my other blog, I hope no one gets upset with me. With the a/c being down, I've had to be careful not to keep the computer on for very long, the inside temp hovering around 80 degrees. How is it that it can be 20 degrees warmer inside when all the windows are open, all the ceiling fans going at warp speed and a fan in the window? It doesn't seem possible. Anyway, if ya'll could kind of spread the word amongst yourselves, I'd appreciate it (about Hidden Mahala, not my ac being deader than possum roadkill pancakes distributed along the highway in the spring.)

The repairman came yesterday, the motor is toast. Of course, it wouldn't be MY life if he had one to fit it on the truck. He assured us he'd return this morning with a new motor and we'd be chillin' by this afternoon. I'm on my lunch hour. It's 78.7 in here at the moment. Does that tell you anything?

I installed IE7 the other day, it's alot different than the previous version but it's growing on me. It has tabs like Firefox and the fonts on all of your blogs are alot easier to read on the flat screen monitor. Well, that is, except Misadventurous Melissa. Hers disapeared!!! I'm not sure what I can do to fix that.

There are still a few other regular readers over on RH that have never commented (I know this from my statcounter) that I have no idea how to guide over here. It makes me a little sad. I may leave a temporary short post with the new blog address for a few hours during the time I know they usually stop by to read. RH will remain open, although most posts will be here. I liked having that space to use as a way of letting my daughter know what's going on around here when she's away at school, and as long as it's there, my coworker and her hubby won't suspect anything (hopefully) and won't come looking for this one. Man, I feel like a CIA informant or somechit. I was pleased to find (also from the wonderous statcounter) that a certain self-googling celebrity found his way over to my little hidden mahala after my post on his pole dancing exhibition. I wonder if he'll figure out it's the same person?

Back to the assylum.