Bats in the Bathroom and Pole Dancing Plumbers

News from the cubicle:

Bossman was the only manager type person who showed up on time this morning. The GM was missing in action, the purchasing guy called in, the plant manager showed up around elevenish and the chief engineer is on vacation. Yet the plant manager has the GAUL to have recently sent around a threatening attendance policy memo. This is the kind of shit that burns my ass.

There was a bat in the ladies room right before I left for lunch. There is entirely too much nature trying to creep into the office lately. At least the deer stay out in the yard (most of the time, there was that one instance when we found a new fawn asleep in the maintenance area.)

News from the boob tube:

Me and the Amazon watched "Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason" last night. I'd already seen it, but she hadn't. I love that movie, I think it was better than the first one. There's something hopeful about a chubby girl getting the guy, even if it took getting locked in a Thai prison to do it. My Lord I hope I don't have to go to such drastic measures.

I watched The Late Late Show this morning, Craig Ferguson was in rare form. I think I snorted some coffee up my nose, which wasn't a pleasant experience, I prefer to get my caffine orally rather than up my shnoz. (Is shnoz a word? Let's pretend it is, kay?) There was something about plumbers dressed as strippers, complete with a pole dancing demonstration as only Ferguson can do. I'd like to see Jay Leno pull that off. On second thought, no I wouldn't.


Oh come on!! Did you guys really think I'd start a whole new blog and NOT mention Craig Ferguson?


Time to had back to the asylum for more nonsense. Ya'll have a good day :)


poopie said...

I think the wildlife invasion is trying to tell you something about the it's gonna be a HOT summer!

kenju said...

You have a good one too (what's left of it).

shh! Bert at work said...

"I think I snorted some coffee up my nose, which wasn't a pleasant experience..."

Nor a pleasant sight.