Lions and Tigers and Hermaphadites, Oh My!!!!

We were really busy at work today, but busy is a good thing. At least the computers were back up and running, there were no wildlife invasions and everyone seemed to be in much better spirits. I got home to find that the air conditioner was working fine, the house was nice and cool. I walked in the kitchen and looked at the coffee maker, which still had the coffee and water I'd put in it yesterday morning. I thought for a moment, then something told me to just go for it. I hit the on button and within minutes, I had a pot of fresh brewed coffee.

I guess maybe the curse has been lifted. I can't explain it. I'm just thankful.

I've been nosing around on the web looking at the free (or cheap) entertainment offerings in Las Vegas. I'm only going to be there for a weekend, arriving Friday night and flying back on Monday. The only concrete plan I have is Craig Ferguson's show Saturday night and Lord only knows when I'll get out of hillbilly hell again, so I've been looking for things to check out while I'm there. I've mentioned before (on that other blog) how much I loves me some critters. I worked at a zoo when I was young and I'd be begging for a job at one now if I lived anywhere close to civilization.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that the MGM Grand has an indoor lion exhibit and that the Mirage hosts an indoor tiger exhibit, complete with Siegfried and Roy's famous white tigers!!! I nearly weeed my granny panties!!!! There's also a dolphin habitat, an elephant and other assorted critters. Freakin' nirvana. I have NO clue how far it is from The Orleans (where I'm staying) to the other two hotels, but I read somewhere that they run a shuttle to and from the strip.

Some of you guys might remember my saying I wanted to go somewhere I could stick my toes in the sand (it's the desert, so I can find sand somewhere...maybe) I wanted water and a zoo. I think I came pretty close. I'm going to pick up an extra memory stick for my camera before I go, so be prepared for lots and lots of pictures to yawn at.

Is it a sad commentary on my life that I'm so psyched at the promise of a weekend away from here?

I received many comments on my new hair cut at the office today. I guess it's growing on me. It could still stand to be a bit longer though. I had a traumatic experience once when Ma talked me into a very short haircut, and at the impressionable age of thirteen, just as I began to discover the wonders of boys, someone stopped me in a store and asked me if I was a boy or a girl. I believe the word "hermaphadite" was used at some point. Since then, I've refused to wear it very short. That was 27 years ago though, I guess it's time to get the hell over it.

Let's hope this week is better than the last. It's off to a pleasant start :)


kenju said...

Have a great time on your trip! And remember, your hair will grow. It may grow even faster in the heat of Las Vegas.

laura said...

Buyer beware: that dolphin thingie costs money ...