5 Reasons to Refill Your Anxiety Medication

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What the hell is this? I don't know. I took it in an antique shop.

Hey ya'll. I was just sitting here thinking about the state of the world, making my head spin. Watching the news blurbs is like the opening scene from an apocalyptic horror film.

Is it real? Have I finally gone over the edge? Is this the world we're living in?

If you're feeling the stress of world, or hell, right here in the good old USA events, check out my list of reasons you'd better keep your meds at arms reach.

1. The Presidential Election

Seriously? There's a possibility that Donald Trump could be the next Commander in Chief? If that's not enough to cause chest pain and hyperventilation, I don't know what is. And Hillary? Sorry but, I wouldn't trust her with a bucket of water if my britches were on fire.

Here's the thing. There's a part of my brain that thinks this shit is SO ridiculous that there has to be some other explanation other than these two jokers are the best we can do.

Put on your Reynolds Wrap hunting cap and bear with me.

I know this is out there, but I wouldn't be surprised to find that the Clintons had offered Trump some ungodly amount of money to run against Hillary, not realizing the American people were fed up to their chin hairs with the political establishment and that they'd actually vote for him. Trump, on the other hand, probably just saw a way to get on t.v. and act a fool, which he does so well, and make some easy money.

Just look at his face now. He is PETRIFIED that he may really have to be president.

Yes, I'll vote. But I'm writing in Bernie, which to some means not voting at all, but ya know, you gotta follow your gut.

2. Police Shooting People For No Effin' Reason

Another day in the USA, another black man gunned down by the police.

First, let me say that the town I live in has one full time cop and one part time. We don't have a huge crime problem here in The Holler. It's mostly just meth heads hanging out in front of the post office and the town hooker sitting up at the civil war monument so she can catch the traffic coming from Tennessee.

Growing up, however, I lived in a very culturally diverse city and I'm not unfamiliar with racial tensions and how they dangerous they can be.

If I were a police officer who had been trained to fire my weapon at a training facility that illustrated the targets using the faces of young black men and I knew that in light of current firearm controls, potentially anyone I came in to contact with could be armed, I might be more inclined to discharge my weapon before I was sure there was a threat.

Just sayin'.

I don't believe all cops are racist, no more than all Hillfolk are ignorant and inbred (all though I might be.. a little bit.) I DO believe that there is an atmosphere of kill or be killed, rather than to protect and serve, cultivated within an increasing number of departments. We must look to the governing bodies of our police forces for answers, the persons responsible for the hiring and training of the flawed law enforcement officers that continue to cast a shadow of fear, distrust and death on all Americans.

Damn ya'll. That was deep as shit.

3. Brexit

Hey U.K. What the hell are ya'll smoking over there? It's not the fact that some of ya'll voted to leave the  EU, I get that. It's that after the votes were in, half ya'll were walking around all shocked and awed because you didn't realize that voting to leave the EU would mean YOU'D ACTUALLY LEAVE THE EU.

Now there are petitions to put a stop to exit, stage right.


If it did, we'd never settle on a government official. Ever.

Since the vote, I've seen an ever growing number of stories of racism and violence over yonder. It breaks my heart. So much hate in the world.. and it's spreading from pole to pole and round and round.

Look. Everybody just wants a better life for themselves and their family. They don't want your job. They're not coming to steal your daughters. All most people want is just peace. To live their life. To be happy. Why is that so hard?

4. Babies Getting Shot 

Ya'll know I have personal reasons for being on my soapbox about this. Rarely does a day go by that I don't hear of it happening again and every damned time, I relive that night. For the love of all that's Holy, if you must have a gun in your home, please keep it secure. I don't care if you don't have kids, someone who visits may. I don't care if your kids understand gun safety, their friends might not.

There are so many dangers out there for our babies. Traffic accidents, animal attacks, deadly allergies, drownings, but a toddler's death by gunshot? Totally and completely avoidable. I didn't study the statistics, this ain't the Washington Post, but I'd bet money that more children are shot by handguns than people breaking in to your house.

We have a gun. It was Ma's, she always had guns. It's unloaded, in a box, taped up, with the ammo in a drawer. I don't even know what it looks like. T.A. took it from Ma one night when she had it out to show the police during one of her crazy spells. If someone tries to come in on me, I have no intention of looking for that gun. I have a baseball bat, a butcher knife and an 80lb hellhound lookin' dog that likes to eat hikers.

I'll take my chances.

5. Morons Treating Women and Girls Like Property

This is another one that sets my anxiety off every time, probably because of my effed up childhood at the hands (literally) of dear old dad.

It's African girls who endure genital mutilation as a "rite of passage," at the hands of their elders. Women in India who are stoned to death or disfigured with acid for dishonoring their family by being raped. It's religious fanatics, holed up in compounds in the Untied States, promising their 12 year old daughters to their 50 year old cousins in marriage, to act as broodmares.

It's when girls are abused, and they tell, and they're blamed for the abuse.

It's all of those things.

Have we really evolved at all? Once blinds are closed and no one's looking, do we devolve back to the predator mentality?

Everything is broken. Hand me my pills, because I don't know how to fix it all.

Later Taters.

P.S. I realize some of you may have views that differ from mine. That's cool,  I still love all ya'll. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Just please keep it respectful.