The Light at the End of the Tunnel Keeps Going Out

Ya'll need to grab your squeeze cheese and a box of saltines 'cuz there's fixin' to be some WHINE up in here.

First of all, T.A. brought home Le Plague from the germ infested call center. They share desks between shifts, aren't allowed sick days (meaning people come to work while NEAR DEATH,) and most of the people who work there have small children at home, slobbery, snotty, fever-ridden little viral incubators. 

And I caught it. T.A. got over hers in a few days. I, on the other hand, damned near succumbed to the E.R. when I could barely take a breath. 

I have to be pretty sure death is imminent before I go anywhere near the emergency room.

I'm on the mend now, I suppose, but everything still smells funny and I'm yacking phlegm every five minutes. 

Why yes, I AM single. How did you know?

Last week, after my meeting with the unemployment people, I'd decided to amp up my game looking for a "work-at-home" job. My phone line issues were fixed, I'd rearranged and cleaned up my desk, things were caught up. I sat at my desk and proceeded to write a long post about my plans... then the power flickered. 

I typed faster, it flickered again. I stopped trying and turned everything off. I waited a little while and when it seemed everything was fine, I turned everything back on. 

Something in the general area of my computer was emitting a high pitched squeal. I unplugged everything, one at a time, before discovering it was my monitor. 

It was fried. 


Then? Then the power went off again, this time staying off until the next day. 

The rest of the world is talking about renewable resources and solar panels, but here in the holler, we're still trying to master the mysteries of good old electricity.

Anywho, I was able to scrape together enough moolah to get a gently used monitor. It came today and I'm plumb tickled. I wanted to hug it. I still might.

I do have a tablet that allows me to do a lot of innerwebby related tasks, but it's not the same. I'm not complaining, I've had it for some years, the screen is cracked and I have to charge it more than I probably should, but it's still chugging along.

In other news this week, I received my copy of the newly published work by Traci Dolan-Priestley:

So many bloggers I started with are branching out and writing books! I can't wait to read it, I know it will be awesome.

As I was writing this, I heard my address called on the scanner.

I met the deputy on the front porch. Apparently, the retired trooper that T.A. rear ended a couple of years back is suing her for $35K.

Well ain't that just feckin' peachy as hell. It's like... it just keeps piling on.. to the point that I don't even feel it anymore.

I used to say, "What comes 'round goes 'round." Well, if that's true... WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?????



I guess I'd better go find 2 or 3 jobs at this point.

Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon!

Later Taters!


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kenju said...

What tiff said. In other news, I had to pay $12 for my book!

Travel said...

There there, it will all be okay, it will all be okay. A lot of America really does not understand the challenges of life in rural America (like keeping the electricity on - or finding a cell signal) nor do they comprehend how much rural there is in this country. (I am glad I fled to life in the city.)