Insomnia, Blessings and Pictures

I can't sleep. Wait, let me clarify that. I can't sleep at night. T.A. leaves for work around 11p.m., I turn everything off, go crawl in the bed and instantly I'm wide awake. There have been nights when the birds were already all doing the morning  chirpy-chirpy song before I was able to drift off. 

Sometimes it's 3 in the afternoon before I can get up. It's driving me nutso. I'VE GOT SHIT TO DO.

I got some sleepytime medicine from the DG which turned out to be the same thing as Benadryl. I go to sleep, but then I can't get awake the next morning. 

I went back tonight, we were out of toilet paper anyway, and got some melatonin. I washed one down with some plop plop fizz fizz cold medicine. Finger's crossed. 

If this doesn't work, my next stop will be the liquor store.

Insomnia is an a-hole.


I took this from the bridge back last month when everyone was standing around watching the mountains burn. I don't know where this guy was from, he was on the campground and seemed to be saying a prayer or giving a blessing, hand outstretched towards the fire. The rains came right after I took this. It rained buckets for three days. 

Just putting that out there. 

I uploaded all the pictures I had saved to my camera. I'll be boring ya'll with slightly unfocused shots for weeks. I took this one about a week ago, from across the river:

I had over 200 pictures saved, but I'd put off uploading them all. I knew they contained pictures taken by The Amazon on the day she spent at the zoo with Long Lost Daughter and the grand youngins. I knew they would be hard to look at, all things considered. There were also pictures of Yoda, who we lost to an accident about a month ago. He was 13 I think. 

I haven't talked about it because.. well.. I just don't want to. I miss him a lot. 

I still have Sammy, who's 15 and Ayla. Sammy follows me every step I take and is content as long as he can scootch his butt up against someone at bedtime. 

Ayla suddenly decided that she'd had enough of these hikers. She ripped all of the skirting off the backside of the trailer to set herself free and treed two of them in the middle of town. 

She has to stay tied now.

I am so against tying a dog out, but if she bites someone... and she would.. she'll end up being put down. She's just very protective of her territory. Her tie out is long enough that as long as she stays in the yard, she's never far enough to pull on it and she comes in whenever she wants to. It still worries me, but I don't know what else to do with her. 

When I get rich and build a privacy fence around the property, creating a half acre, anti-social compound, all my problems will be solved. 

The older I get, the less I want to leave the house. I should probably see someone about that.

OH... I almost forgot! Me and TA went by to see Ma the other day. She seems to be content and doing well. I was afraid to tell her I'd lost my job, afraid that she'd say she could come home now, but all I had to mention was the lack of ac in my house and she was like.. nope.. I'll just stay right here.

It's midnight, so I'm going to go get still in front of the fan and see if Mr. Sandman will sneak in. Ya'll have a good one! We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!


kerry said...

So sorry to hear about Yoda. :( Hope you got some sleep!!

kenju said...

I hate not sleeping. Hope you get something to work well for you.

Travel said...

Relax and rest. The description of the dog treeing the hikers made me laugh. Take care, DG