My Conversation with Verizon Wireless

I swear, corporate America will make you bleed. One way or another.

Visitor: Hi Victoria, I would like to remove the jetpack from my plan. It doesn't work in my area. Our coverage is only 1X. The contract date expires on 3/7
Verizon Lady: Hello! I'd be happy to take care of that for you.
Visitor: thanks!
Verizon Lady: Not a problem. Your early termination fee for the JetPack is $65.
Visitor: um no
Visitor: on what day can I terminate without a fee?
Visitor: i've already been paying for two years for something I can't use.
Verizon Lady: On March 7th is when there will be no early termination fee.
Visitor: ok thanks
Verizon Lady: Sure thing! Is there anything else I may help you with today?
Visitor: LOL no.. thanks
Visitor: Have a great day
Verizon Lady: Have a great day as well! Thank you for chatting in.

The only thing keeping me from switching to US Cellular, who provides service in this area, is that I'd have to get a whole new phone. I'd go prepaid local all the way.

Ass over a barrel, it's the New American Way.