Either I'm Crazy or These People Are Stupid

Yesterday, after leaving Twatwaffle's office, I went to my desk and gathered up all my junk... my Norfolk Island Pine, my slingshot monkey, the tiny stuffed lamb that's sat on my desk since I worked at the bank over in Scary Hillbilly Town and my pictures of The Amazon. I tossed them in a plastic shopping bag along with every office supply that I've paid for out of my own pocket, lip balm, nail clippers, restaurant menus, my fan... I packed it all up and carried it to the truck.

When Twatwaffle called me in to her office yesterday, I thought we were just going to discuss new policies or some crap.

But no.

Customers have been calling her because I didn't respond to their requests for information right away. I reminded her that the internet was down for two days and Friday was a holiday, but she still wanted to know why I was behind on my email. While I ran back and forth to the office for paperwork, using my personal computer, personal cell phone and buying my own gas in order to work from home, there were still customer questions I couldn't take care of without access to our system, which we access through the internet. We used to have our own here, but to save money we now have to access and share our inventory control system with another plant.

She still looked at me and wanted to know why I hadn't responded to each and every email. I had worked 10 hours to get caught up the day before and done everything I could.

For some years now, since Bubbles got laid off, I've been begging for some help. Bossholio begged for help. Sparkles quit because they wouldn't hire any help. Ever since Twatwaffle has become the GM, I've asked for help. I've increased sales each month and over what they were for the same period last year. When she gave me an "attagirl" I pointed out that I could do more.. IF I HAD HELP.

When I took on the duties of the sales manager, for which I am not being compensated, I told her I'd NEED HELP.

When she interviewed Bossholio's clone for the sales manager position, and I won't lie to you, it pissed me off, I explained to her that when we HAD a sales manager, we still NEEDED HELP.

So when I got called back to the office yesterday and got my ass reamed, she held her hands out and said, "Mahala, what can we do to help you?"

I just bowed my head, shook it and shed tears of frustration. Then she yelled at me for the shedding of said tears so I looked at her and said in a raised voice, "HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY I NEED HELP? HOW MANY WAYS CAN I WORD IT? HIRE SOMEBODY."

Which was actually much kinder than what I wanted to say, which was "ARE YOU FUCKING IGNORANT???"

Because I'm a nice person that way.

"Well, we're not hiring anyone, but I'm going to let you have Kat."

Kat was the last GM's secretary. She was basically there because he refused to use the computer for anything but Youtube videos and porn. So when she wasn't sending an email to corporate for him (and remember, the GM only worked like.. two hours a day, spending the rest of the day on the poker machines in town,) Kat would read romance novels and shop for clothes for her kids on eBay.

All day.

When Twatwaffle took over, she said she could send her own emails, so Kat helps Thelma for about two hours one day a week.

About two months ago, TW had assigned Kat the duty of doing my filing for me and after about a month had passed, I got my ass chewed because no one could find any orders when they needed to pull them. Kat had all the filing for the month piled up in her office so she could put them in order before she filed them.

So yeah. I love Kat to pieces, but she's not going to do a damned thing and we all know it. As a matter of fact, Kat used to work in sales over at the other plant and was offered the opportunity to work with me full time when the old GM left but she turned it down. Why should she accept it? She doesn't have to do anything. She's got the best job in The Asylum.

Also yesterday, when I mentioned to Twatwaffle that the old GM hadn't given anyone a raise.. not really.. in the past 10 years and that I had taken on a great deal more responsibility in the past three months for which I felt I should be compensated, she said, "If you can continue to prove to me that you can handle this, then I will consider getting you more money in the future."

Well that's bullshit. Just like they've promised me a place out of the hallway. EVERYONE else has their own office but me. I have to sit in the hallway. The one who has to be on the phone taking orders, answering technical questions and arranging shipments. I have to work in the hall, just outside the door to the shared copier/printer/fax/scanner. Everyone congregates right over my half a wall. They hang over it and look at me, especially The Groper. They wiggle it when they go by (it's falling down) and run their pens over the nasty old gray carpet covering when they pass.

So I'm pretty sure any promise of more money is about as valid as the promise to move me out of the hall. What really pissed me off was her saying "if you can prove to me".. like I was a child. Like I've not been working my ass off to prove I can increase sales. Like I've not already proven myself over and over again.

So I gathered my shit and put it in Jolene's back seat.

Oh and, for those of you who haven't heard, I made the last payment on Jolene yesterday. w00t!

I did not quit. But... when I find another job, I will. No notice. I will be free to just get up and walk out. Or just not show up one day.

I've always said I'd never do that, but here? Here I will.

Anywho.. I've worked hard on this post, so I'm going to go take a break. Then I might work. I dunno. I might nap. I don't give a rat's ass anymore.

Ya'll have a good one,

Later Taters!


tiff said...

Good for you. That place sounds nuts, TW especially.

kenju said...

What Tiff said. There are limits to what a person should have to deal with and you passed that line a long time ago.

I hope you find another, better job soon, where your efforts are appreciated and applauded and compensated accordingly!!!!

Teressa Welch said...

I really can't add anything to what the others have said, except hugs, which I know won't pay the bills, but it's heartfelt.

Celia said...

Prayers for a great new job for you.

Significant Snail said...

Oh Mahala! Much prayers, chants, positive thoughts out in to the universe and whatever else can be done on your behalf - consider it done! Let's get you out of that place pronto!

Joy T said...

Here's to something bigger and better coming along...and soon!!