Head in the Clouds

I had an awesome long post about the past week in the holler, but due to the crappy WiFi at the library and the nutty chick sucking up all the bandwidth uploading pictures, my post never materialized and disappeared in to the crypt of undead blog posts. As most of you bloggy types know you can never recreate the awesomeness of the original from memory, so I'm not even going to try. Instead I'll give you the highlights.

*Last week during the biker rally, some old guy overdosed on Viagra and Nitro while trying to bump uglies and died from a heart attack.
*Also during the rally, a woman with too many long necks under her belt, ran down the tracks in heels towards an oncoming train. The cops just watched her until she about got ran over while flashing her boobalas to the engineer just before leaping to safety. Then they arrested her.
*Another biker chick damned near found Jesus the hard way when a tree limb fell on her head, giving her a concussion and sending her to the ER.
*The day after the biker rally cleared out, a local woman, a resident of the group home where they basically dump developmentally disbled adults with no supervision or structure whatsoever, went tubing on the river with her boyfriend and drowned. There is currently a lynch mob forming for whoever gave/leased/sold them the inner tubes.
*On Friday, an older man drowned out in the pond up by Aunt Moses' old place. There were lots of law enforcement, frantic calls to the M.E. on duty (whatever doctor is on call at the clinic) and lots of wailing relatives. Two drownings in a week. Unreal.

These couple of weeks without internet have forced me to consider the book I keep starting and never working on. I've decided that to write a book about my own spiritual journey, adventures, beliefs... whatever...is too personal. I would cringe every time I sold a copy. After much consideration, I've decided to start over, in the style of my blog, hidden behind a veil of made up names and places. I only feel comfortable telling the truth when I hide behind a facade.

I've also been thinking about my long time dream of opening a mystiquey kind of store. I had been planning an online store, selling cast iron cookware and hillbillyesque decor. As much as I'd like to deny it, I have assimilated into the holler collective. I drive a truck, I have a chainsaw piled in the living room chair, I raised baby chicks in my bathroom and I make my own smokes. I'm pretty sure I've earned my hillbilly merit badge. But still, when considering an online venture, it just didn't feel like me. I'm not sure if it's been because of two weeks of gorging myself with Buffy and Supernatural DVDs, rethinking the whole book thing or making the decision to stop hiding my silver charm on a long chord, tucked in my shirt, but I've been looking at the old abandoned storefront that housed the work center Aunt Moses used to run. There are two large rooms, one with an attached kitchen, perfect for TA's little bake shop she talks about opening. The other side would be just the right size for a little shop full of homemade soy candles, silver trinkets and books. Few businesses survive the winter here, but if I supplemented the store with an online shop, I think it could work.

I dunno. There's no way I could afford to buy the place and my credit is shot... but who knows?

Anywho, that's where my head is this week. It's almost time to start a new one. Ya'll take care, we'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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Celia said...

OMG, what a week! Our little burg has had 3 gang shootings and a bank robbery recently. No bikers though.

Have you considered funding via Crowdfunding or the like. Several women here have started small retail stores in mini-trailers, driving and parking where the customers are. I've never done any of this so consider the source.

b.fez said...

Yes - I've seen that too! You still have the camper Mahala, yes? And the crowdfunding idea is perfect. DO EET!

I dream of getting a little Shasta (or Airstream, if I had the dough, which I don't... ) and opening a traveling metalsmithing studio/jewelry & trinket shop. Someday... someday.

tiff said...

I'm a creeper and stalked the building on Google maps. Might be a tetch far out of 'town' and foot traffic, unless the hikers and bikers and touristas largely come in from that direction. But a great idea - keep dreaming and doing!

kenju said...

I sure hope you can pull that off. I'd grab Kerry and a few others and drive out there to patronize you both!!

poopie said...

my brother and his wife did it right down the road from me...with dollar general mason jars!!